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2023 New me

free time is a luxuary | 13:07 CST January 27, 2023

Hai its been a while hasnt it... Not alot has changed though but I have gotten a job in retail and we are doing a musical in may in theatre so freetime is few and far between making adding and maintaining my server slightly annoying but i am looking after it and recently i put a fan to helppull some of the heat out of the closet where my server is and soon we are going to be getting fiber internet from a dierent more reliable isp which means my servers upload speed is going to go from 50mbps to 1 gbps!

Downtime and upgrades

Server Upgrades 15:17 CST October 29, 2022

If anyone has noticed my sites have been down multiple times within the past 2 days that is due to me upgrading the hardware in my server which involved setting up the software again. You May have also noticed that some of the services hosted here are offline (invidius, searxng, Owncast, ect) this is due to them not being re-setup and will take some time to be set up again.

Retro FTW

Yesterweb 18:09 CST August 3, 2022

I am making a Yesterweb style website over on vore.media still very much WIP but its there lol

Visual Update 2

Rosé Pine 21:28 CST July 10, 2022

I have remade the themes using Rosé Pine! if you have any issues clear your cookies and refresh some of the names of the saved data changed and needs clearing to update

Mild update

New Thing 22:30 CST July 2, 2022

Check at the bottom of the page (here) for a list of all public services hosted here lol (at post time newest is whoogle)

Minecraft 1.19

New Thing 20:43 CST June 27, 2022

ive been messing arround with services like owncast uptime_kura and pleroma with little sucess but eventually more stuff will be hosted on here when i find the time and get the skill to setup them.

Live Streams Galore!

Owncast Now Hosted! 16:18 CST June 25, 2022

New Service Hosted On the site Here! it is a Owncast page i am hosting for when i want to do a stream theres no schedule it may go down occasionally but i have it now and its using ssl!


this is really a test post 22:33 CST June 24, 2022

New Server Now In Production!!!

Finally new server!

New Server! 20:11 CST June 21, 2022

I am on vacation for a little while and i just won a bid on a new server that will be getting here soon and i wlll be setting that up and transfering the server back from slips servers to mine i still thank you slips for allowing me to host on his server till i could get my new one!(see last post)

Thank You Slips!

Temp Host 12:04 CST June 3, 2022

Thank You Slips slipdox.xyz for generously allowing me to host my website on your server until i can get me a new one you are so kind for doing this i thank you alot!


New Domain 22:21 CST June 1, 2022

I have Purchased A new Domain And im going to swap to it fully after this domain expires! New Domain


New Feature, 18:07 CST May 19, 2022

I have added themes to the page they use a single cookie to save the theme if you dont want it just keep it default lol but the last one is a special theme based on a funny website UwU

The last Theatre preformance of the year.

Middleschoolers are destructive, 12:48 CST May 18, 2022 (edited at 13:48 CST)

Yesterday we did the last proformance of The War of the Worlds and i messed up audio playback and it made me so upset even though most of the kids that we prefomed for only wanted to watch to get out of class for a while but it went kinda decent otherwise lighting was good other than the dmx cable a middleschooler felt like cutting the day before right before the end of the day and us not have a spare beacuse little budget so i had to splice it back together last minute and hope it would still work after and it did hold up for that show but the kids kept touching the lights that were in the bleechers in the gym auditoreum we have messing with our scenes lighting. Middle schoolers just cant keep their hands off of things the cable getting cut wasnt the first time they messed with our lights either. They have knocked them over messing the fan up on both of the lights in the bleechers just because they felt like it. They also went and messed with our lighting controller and audio equipment just becasue. The door was closed and had the padlock thing jamming it shut too they still went in and pushed buttons and slid faders.

This was a pain to get live

This was so fun to do, 21:35 CST May 17, 2022

I swapped from a custom Node.js server to a diferent web server and it took me a hour and a half to figure out how to get it to just work and i have to make posts using nano on the servers terminal since it doesnt like to let me use samba shares to modify the files but atleast its more mobile compatable lol!

First Post On the New site

New Page TestingUwU, 19:57 CST May 17, 2022

Well well well... Its been awhile hasnt it
Wow i revamped the whole site! (IN LESS THAN A DAY!) it was kinda pointless but who cares lol this isnt getting updated alot tho so bear with me